Writing from the Eyes of a Japanese Writer: Interview with Miho Moriya from MATCHA

Interview with Miho Moriya (I will call her Moriya-san onwards), editor and writer at MATCHA Inc.. In MATCHA, Moriya-san writes various information on Japan travel which are useful and interesting for foreign travellers. Besides that, Moriya-san is actively writing about marketing in various media, also writing blog every day (isn’t that cool?).


You can read her writings here:

MATCHA – Japan Travel Web Magazine (Japanese version)

MATCHA – Japan Travel Web Magazine (English translation)

note blog (Japanese)

Tumblr compiling her writings published in other media (Japanese)


Since I had the chance to chat with Moriya-san who has a lot of experience in writing, I tried to dig into what is “writing” for Moriya-san. There’s a lot to learn from her!


Since when did you become interested in writing? What brought you to it?

I don’t do it now, but I used to participate in “travelersbox” web magazine which offers stories of tourists in their destinations. There I became interested in writing and editing job. I think it was around 2014.


What do you pay attention to when writing MATCHA articles?

-Whether I can write something that will make people want to come to Japan or to the place I write about.

-Whether a person who knows nothing about Japan can enjoy reading it.

-When (the readers) come to Japan, can they get a great experience from this article.


What do you pay attention to when writing blog in “note”?

-Deciding one thing I want to convey.

-Creating a writing which satisfies me.


Why do you write blog in “note” every day?

I started to improve my writing skill, but now “writing every day” gives me confidence so I continue with it.


Have you ever run out of ideas to write? What do you do?

Every day! (laughs)

Sometimes I’d stop writing and take a hot bath, write details of what happen that day, or write about “having no ideas to write.” (laughs)


Do you have any specific target for writing? What kind of writing do you want to create next?

I want to try interviewing foreigners in English and write articles about it! Want to interview Buddhist priests from abroad.

I love to listen to other people’s stories, so I want to interview on their way of living and write an article that brings out that person’s good points.


Reading your writings, and listening to your answers got me thinking that you focus on your readers. Is it intentional?

Yes, because it’s hard to make an article popular. Also, my readers are from different countries. That’s why I need to be intentional and get closer to readers.


You write while paying attention to whether people who don’t know Japan can enjoy. But you are a Japanese and certainly knows about Japan. How do you get closer to readers’ point of view? Are there any tricks?

After writing, I read while considering one by one, whether it’s a thing unique to Japan.


Do you read your writing right after you wrote it? Or do you leave it for a while before reading?

I read it immediately.


For MATCHA articles, you seem to really focus on readers’ point of view. But for blog, you seem to focus more on what you want to convey. Is it intentional too?

As for blog, instead of (writing) for people to read, it’s more about improving my writing skill and organizing my thoughts.

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