No matter how far I run, there’s something I can’t escape from.

I’ve been doing morning runs for a few months now. In high school PE class I was terrible at running. Definitely not the athletic type. Yet 6 years later, I run for an hour and feel like wanting to run forever. Weird.

I used to hate getting dirty, getting wet. Now I love getting drenched in sweat, feeling it sticking my clothes to my back. I used to feel lazy to go out. Now I still love being in the confines of my room, but I also love to go outside and run in the mornings. People change, huh? Hardly surprising, but still.

I run and run, yet something doesn’t change. Always there wherever I go, visible even without looking at the mirror. No matter what I do, I can’t escape.

Of course I can’t. I’m not supposed to. Should be hugging it, embracing it. Like the sun embraces this mountain with its gentle light.

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